❣️ Heart Exclamation

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Emoji Meaning

The cartoon image of a red heart as an exclamation mark. Often used when expressing wholehearted agreement.

Also Known As

  • ❣️ Heart Above Dot

Apple Name

  • ❣️ Red Heart As an Exclamation Mark

Unicode Name

  • ❣️ Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament

❣️ Emoji Codes


U+2763 U+FE0F


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For developers

URL escape code %E2%9D%A3%EF%B8%8F
Punycode xn--pei
Bytes (UTF-8) E2 9D A3 EF B8 8F
JavaScript, JSON, Java \u2763\uFE0F
C, C++, Python \u2763\uFE0F
CSS \2763 \FE0F
PHP, Ruby \u{2763}\u{FE0F}
Perl \x{2763}\x{FE0F}
HTML hex ❣️
HTML dec ❣️