EmojiSup Widget

Want a cool emoji bar like this on your site?

Install a free emoji reaction widget on your website!

In the HEAD section of your site, add:

<script src="//api.emojisup.org/widget.js?3"></script>

In the BODY section of your site, add:

<div data-emojisup></div>

Copy and paste the codes above to the place on your page where you want the tool to appear.

After loading, our script will connect the stylesheet and bypass all the blocks with the [data-emojisup] attribute, which will place reaction widgets. Each widget is assigned a unique identifier, so several widgets can appear on a page.

Also, you can specify an identifier yourself, for example:

<div data-emojisup="" id="random-id-1"></div>

In this case, the widget will use it.
Important: If the ID is changed, a new widget will be initiated, and all reaction counters will be reset.

If the page implements dynamic loading of the content in which you want to place the widget, then after loading such content, you must use the following method:


This method will update the list of widgets on the page and handle new ones.