💅🏿 Nail Polish: Dark Skin Tone

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Emoji Meaning

The image of a hand with colored nail polish, usually purple, but may vary depending on the platform. Often used in the context of self care and pampering. Can also be used to emphasize the need of having one's nails taken care of by a professional.

💅🏿 Emoji Codes


U+1F485 U+1F3FF


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For developers

URL escape code %F0%9F%92%85%F0%9F%8F%BF
Punycode xn--qn8hli
Bytes (UTF-8) F0 9F 92 85 F0 9F 8F BF
JavaScript, JSON, Java \uD83D\uDC85\uD83C\uDFFF
C, C++, Python \U0001f485\U0001f3ff
CSS \01F485 \01F3FF
PHP, Ruby \u{1F485}\u{1F3FF}
Perl \x{1F485}\x{1F3FF}
HTML hex 💅🏿
HTML dec 💅🏿