🫠 Melting Face

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Emoji Meaning

The image of the yellow smiling face but shown as if it's melting into the puddle. The eyes and mouth are no longer in their correct positions but the emoji still manages to smile in a somewhat deformed way. Can be used to indicate extremely hot temperatures but it can also be used to denote extreme embarrassment that you just want to melt away or disappear.

How does this emoji look on different platforms?

🫠 Emoji Codes



For developers

URL escape code %F0%9F%AB%A0
Punycode xn--129h
Bytes (UTF-8) f0 9f ab a0
JavaScript, JSON, Java \ud83e\udee0
C, C++, Python \U0001fae0
PHP, Ruby \u{1FAE0}
Perl \x{1FAE0}
HTML hex 🫠
HTML dec 🫠

Tags: disappear, dissolve, liquid, melt, melting face

Category: Smileys & Emotion

Subgroup: Face smiling