🤔 Thinking Face

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Emoji Meaning

A yellow face with one eyebrow raised higher than the other and both eyes looking upwards. The index finger and the thumb are both resting on the chin, as if in deep thought or contemplating something of importance. Can be used to express skepticism or scorn but can also be mischievous, depending on the situation.

Also Known As

  • 🤔 Chin Thumb
  • 🤔 Thinker
  • 🤔 Throwing Shade

Apple Name

  • 🤔 Thinking Face

🤔 Emoji Codes




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For developers

URL escape code %F0%9F%A4%94
Punycode xn--wp9h
Bytes (UTF-8) F0 9F A4 94
JavaScript, JSON, Java \uD83E\uDD14
C, C++, Python \U0001f914
CSS \01F914
PHP, Ruby \u{1F914}
Perl \x{1F914}
HTML hex 🤔
HTML dec 🤔

Tags: face, thinking

Category: Smileys & Emotion

Subgroup: Face hand