💤 Zzz

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Emoji Meaning

A series of three letters Zs. The last one seems to be capitalized and the rest are small. Used to convey rest or sleep. Can also be used to convey that something is so uninteresting that it's putting people to sleep.

Also Known As

  • 💤 Bedtime
  • 💤 Boring
  • 💤 Sleep
  • 💤 Zzz

Apple Name

  • 💤 Sleeping Sign

Unicode Name

  • 💤 Sleeping Symbol

💤 Emoji Codes




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For developers

URL escape code %F0%9F%92%A4
Punycode xn--gs8h
Bytes (UTF-8) F0 9F 92 A4
JavaScript, JSON, Java \uD83D\uDCA4
C, C++, Python \U0001f4a4
CSS \01F4A4
PHP, Ruby \u{1F4A4}
Perl \x{1F4A4}
HTML hex 💤
HTML dec 💤

Tags: comic, good night, leep, ZZZ

Category: Smileys & Emotion

Subgroup: Emotion